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A thobe, (also spelled “thawb”) is Arabic for ‘garment’ and it specifies a traditional Islamic outfit that has been encouraged in the Prophetic tradition. It originated and is still commonly worn, in many Islamic countries of the Middle East. Typically ankle-length with long sleeves, this pullover, the robe-like garment was notable for its pure white color and formal appeal. Nowadays, however, the traditional understanding of a thobe has been extended to include many styles, materials, and colors. While one-piece thobes are the most commonly seen, two-piece sets have started becoming popular. In this arrangement, the top piece generally falls to knee length while the lower piece, or paint, is worn at, or slightly above, the ankles. Moreover, the traditional white color is now augmented by a variety of color choices including black, beige, gray and blue. Sometimes plain thobes are decorated with buttons, zippers, pockets, different materials and piping. While typically made from a lightweight cotton material, today’s thobes can be found in a range of fabrics including sheep’s wool, for use in regions where the climate may get colder and synthetic blends, such as cotton and rayon, for a wrinkle-free, wash and wear the garment. While traditional thobes are somewhat baggy, loose-fitting garments, today’s styles may be more form-fitting and custom tailored. Amongst the examples of current styles, you will find include thobes of Traditional, Formal, Short Sleeve, Young Men’s, Children’s, Special Occasion, Hooded and Sporty styles. Tradition has definitely given way to modernity in this mid-eastern garment, while still holding onto its Islamic values.